Package gwp_core


import "gwp/gwp_core"

Package gwp_core gives API for more internal functions. It should NOT be used by 3rd party modules directly.

Package files

doc.go gwp_core.go


var (
    WatchList map[string]bool

func ParseConfig

func ParseConfig(configPath string) (*gwp_context.AppConfig, error)

ParseConfig parses the configuration file and does meaningful checks on defined parameters. If optional parameters are not met, it sets default values. It parses only [default] and [project] sections.

func ParseConfigParams

func ParseConfigParams(configPath string, section string, params *gwp_context.ModParams) error

ParseConfigParams parses module specific config file parameters

func WatchTemplates

func WatchTemplates(ctx *gwp_context.Context)

WatchTemplates is responsible for template caching and live reloading (if live-templates option is activated)

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