Go-webproject is an opensource web application framework written in The Go Programming Language.

It is not a Go package that you can import elsewhere. It is completely standalone application which consists of a native, high performant web server and surrounding framework for application code. It is designed to be very easy to start coding with, but still easily extensible, with its flexible, modular design. Project is actively maintained and it compiles with the latest Go weekly release - which is at the moment: weekly.2011-12-14


Quick start.

git clone https://github.com/scyth/go-webproject.git
cd go-webproject/
mkdir config templates
cp examples/config/server.conf config/
cp examples/templates/* templates/
cp examples/handlers/handlers.go src/

At this point, you will want to edit src/handlers.go file and write some functionality. When you're done:


Open up your browser and see if your code works as expected. Examples provided in examples/ directory should be self explainatory. If you want to know more, see the package documentation.

Writing 3rd party modules

See 3rd party module documentation.

Build version weekly.2011-12-14 10879+.